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Professional Hospital Supply, Inc. (“PHS”) was initially established in 2014 as a provider of new and used medical equipment. After years of demonstrating our commitment to customer service, product quality, and conducting our business in a fair and transparent manner – our organization has been privileged to form key strategic partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers and experts, which has led to the creation of our innovative and patented RealTouch™ Nitrile Gloves.

Dr. Anthony Pothitos is the genius and creator behind the patented chemical composition and production processes unique to our RealTouch™ Nitrile Gloves – which we Intentionally and Proudly manufacture in China. Why China you may ask? The patented technology and “baking” and “cooling” processes for our RealTouch™ Nitrile Gloves requires the stability of natural gas (versus fossil fuels most commonly utilized in Southeast Asia) to insure the quality and performance attributes that separate(s) our Nitrile Gloves from the competition.

PHS prides itself in employing and aligning with tier-1 talent and expertise from around the world. Our team members and partners bring(s) to the table a variety of accomplished backgrounds and expertise, which have combined into one cohesive and collaborative team. This lends itself to a talented organization that works hand-in-hand with our counterparts in China to provide a much-needed PPE solution to battle the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic currently plaguing our families, friends, piers, frontline employees, government(s), and militaries domestically and abroad.

Our RealTouch™ Nitrile Gloves push the boundaries of technology, and we at PHS are only getting started. We believe it is our Social and Corporate responsibility to leverage our expertise, technology, and global partnerships to challenge the status quo and not just push the boundaries of “what can be,” but to Insure that we set the standard of “What Should” and “What WILL be” – as it pertains to PPE and navigating through challenging times to battle this horrific pandemic.

We welcome you into our PHS family as we aim to be Your Helping Hand throughout COVID-19, and into the future past this pandemic. The road stops here as it pertains to nitrile gloves, and we’re just getting started!

Warmest regards,
Team PHS